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v0.26-beta released

So, stress and general busyness made me forget to add a changelog post regarding 0.25-beta, so I’ll roll this into the changelog post for 0.26-beta. Not cool, but it is what it is.


  • Full Emoji support, courtesy of the EmojiOne project


  • Like and Unlikes were broken on localised system.
  • There was a wrong label on one of the input fields for the Page update template.
  • Find More Friends was temporarily broken
  • Now only Groups you’re already a member of show up in your profile
  • There was a critical bug that allowed anyone to see any content in any Group.
  • Updating a user avatar resulted in both a positive and negative response
  • Sending messages from a users profile is no longer broken
  • You can once again post pictures to comments
  • Page names are now unique. Duplicate names are no longer allowed
  • Fixed the problem with profile information not being displayed
  • The Active Users widget once again show the default avatar, of a custom one hasn’t been uploaded.


  • We’ve added a Users page that has all signed up users listed
  • Pages can now receive private messages
  • Hidden Groups have been added
  • Group Admins can now invite users to groups
  • Pages can now be shared between several users
  • It is now possible to bulk accept users into Groups
  • Profile avatars now have cachebusting enabled.

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