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v0.27-beta released

Here’s the changelog for 0.27-beta, released on this day in the Year of our Lord 2016. It is a doozy, that drags a longstanding issue out behind the chemical shed for summary execution. A big thank you to Per Sikker Hansen, who pulled out the awesomeness and fixed our notifications issues.


  • Notifications has been completely overhauled and should work much much better now.
  • Notification readability has also been given a healthy boost.
  • Profile header dimensions have been locked down.


  • Fixed the missing redirect on friendship, relationship and group notifications.
  • You should now be able to delete dynamically loaded content.
  • Updating your profile header image now works as intended.
  • Contributors to pages can now switch to pages.
  • Delete buttons are working again.
  • Accepting or rejecting group membership applications no longer trigger a global accept.
  • Likes are now visible on relationship posts.

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