The project was on unofficial hiatus for a couple of months there, as both Per and I dealt with some real life stuff.

But now with both CoW: The Challenge and Enlightenment in Blood having used Kin I thought it might be a good idea to check in on the state of the project.

We’re still very much working on improving the platform, and pushing hard towards changes to the UX in several key areas.
Lately, our focus has been on updating and adding functionality to the admin section, as we grow towards opening enabling organizers to keep tabs of Kin installations themselves. So far the admin section has been neglected because I could just tweak the database directly (I know, boo, bad developer).

We’re still looking towards creating an API for the platform, both so external services like LarpWeaver and Spindle can inject characters directly into the platform, but also so we maybe some day can have a mobile app for Kin.

And finally we’re looking for a frontender/UX’er to join the team, so if you have loads of spare time, is crazy talented and would like to help us make Kin even better, drop a line in the contact form.