Since version 0.17 (I think, I’m not sure) it’s been possible for users to export their Kin data into a JSON file. This is pretty cool, but unless you’re a particular kind of nerd it wasn’t that helpful. Loads of users still exported them, because we promised an export parser would be forthcoming.

And it has been and it is. Alena has been busting her hump building the first version, so most of the credits for this goes to her. But we wanted it to be more accessible than a zip archive that required you to place a specially named JSON file in a special place before anything would happen.

But luckily the cool people at Github have been running this project called Electron. Electron runs on web technology but runs as a local browser with filesystem access. It also allows us to write code once and have it execute on all three major platforms (macOS, Windows and Linux). Normally, this is something I’d balk at, because “write once run everywhere” never works. It’s a fever dream. But since our application is only going to be rendering data from a JSON file (we won’t allow manipulation of the file), it seems like a good match to get this in the hands of as many people as possible.

And so we’d like to tease this little thing we call the Kin Export Parser. We can’t show much yet, but it’s still something.