Here’s the changelog for 0.30-beta. This is a small change set, but it lays some pretty important foundations.

Team News

  • Alena has taken on the challenge and role of UI/UX Lead and will be working closely with me to overhaul the front end of Kin.
  • Suus Mutsaers has joined the team as our copywriter, and she’ll be helping document everything that Kin can do.


  • The timeline for Pages now has a “Load More” button, so you can see more than the latest 15 updates from a given Page.
  • We’ve tweaked the UI even more, and we’re working towards giving Kin more of its own look and feel.
  • The admin section now has a much improved asynchronous user invite procedure. We no longer have to manually invite users in groups of 20.
  • We have added the core of a theme engine to the application. We hope by 0.31-beta or 0.32-beta we should be able to allow Admins to select from predefined themes, and users will be able to override these in their own preferences.


  • Hashtags are working again.
  • Notifications have seen a small improvement, so Users should no longer see notifications for Pages, with which they share an ID.