Here’s the changelog for 0.34-beta. Yup. We’re total renegades that skipped v0.33-beta.

This update is primarily for the game organisers out there.


  • Admins can now upgrade other accounts to Admin status as well.
  • Admins can now set accounts as Hidden from the admin panel. This will make it easier to create lurker accounts.
  • Admins can now read all status updates and all accounts, regardless of group status, friendship status or page status.
  • In an effort to better understand how players use the application we’ve added some minor event tracking to the app. This is on a test case to see if it will give us any insights. If it does it will be rolled out on a much larger scale.
    This is completely anonymous and contains now personal information.


  • Admins were unable to access profiles that hadn’t completed signup. This made it impossible to resend invites. This has been fixed.