Can my larp use Kin?

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Short answer: Yes, absolutely.

Long answer: Yes, but …

We’re still building Kin and as a result there’s currently no easy to install package for you to download.
We will, however, gladly host your game’s social media network. This will also give us the chance to see how your games players interact with the software, which helps us make decisions on what to build next and how priority to give to different bugs.

In order to do that we need a couple of things from you …

  1. Decide whether or not you want a custom domain name, ie.
    If not, you can either forward a subdomain to Kins servers or we can host it on (in which case it would be something like
  2. Decide what the name of your social network should be.
    Previous games have used names such as Czochabook, Clamor, Undercity, Nibelbuch and more.

Once you have at least those things sorted out you can reach via the contact form.

It is not currently possible for us to custom build modules for Kin tailored to your games specific needs.

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