Thomas Mertz, Project Lead
Thomas is the primary developer and project lead for Kin.
By day Thomas owns and operates Campground, a small development studio in the heart of Copenhagen.

Per Sikker Hansen, Developer
Per is the most recent addition to the team, and the third developer to write code for the project but has already proven himself extremely valuable.

Alena Košinárová, UX/UI Lead
Alena has been tremendously helpful with locating and nuking bugs, as well as polishing new features. Alena is also the lead on the Kin Export Parser.
By day Alena plies her craft as a UX specialist with Accenture.

Suus Mutsaers, Knowledge Base maestro
Suus divides her time between copy-writing and running her own business ”Polychromical ‘ through which she designs and creates costumes, props, photographs and larps.

Former team members

Richard Wetzel, Bug Hunter
Richard is instrumental in testing new features, locating bugs and helping map out new features.
Richard works as a senior lecturer at the University of Lincoln, where he researches and talks about Games Computing.

Daniel Sundström, Developer
Daniel contributed the Subscription engine that allows users to subscribe and unsubscribe from threads.
Daniel is the co-founder and Head of Development with Lin Education in Stockholm.

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