What can Kin do

It’s a basic social network web application, with all the features one could think of for a social network.

User Profiles

Kin contains user profiles that can be custom designed to contain fields and options specific to your larp. The profiles also enables users to upload an avatar of their character, as well as other customisations that helps convey the characters tone and style.


Using Kin you can post on your timeline. Using the well-known status update you can communicate your characters thoughts and more. You can even post photos and memes, if you're so inclined.


Users can create and administer groups of users, convenient for clubs or associations. Groups can be created as public, private and hidden.

Private Messaging

You can send and receive private messages, and it's possible to even write group messages. You can also share files via private messaging, send pictures and share videos (via Youtube or Vimeo embeds).


With Kin you can create relationships between different accounts in the system. It's possible to create familial relationships; from brothers and sisters to uncles, aunts and more. You can also create romantic relationships to convey more to your co-players about your characters loyalties and emotions.


Kin comes packed with all the classic interactions that you know and love from other social media. Users can Like updates and comments, as well as post Comments to status updates.


Users can create Pages for events, organisations, clubs and much more. Pages work like pseudo user accounts; they have their own timelines, can send and receive private messages and you can even share the workload of running a page with other users.


Kin has full emoji support, and is regularly updated with the latest emoji as they are approved by the Unicode Consortium.

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