Social networks can be used for many things. They give us an easy and unique insight into the lives of friends and family, both near and far.

So it’s long been a thought of mine that they would be the perfect tool to help create relationships and connections between characters for larp events. And so Kin was born.

Kin is a social networking platform designed to enhance the pre-game experience of nearly any larp. It allows your participants to form stronger bonds, creating deeper and richer stories. It is specifically built to mimic the larger social networking sites, but with less control over who sees what, in order to maximise drama and  disseminate information rapidly. People can, after all, only play on what they know.

All in all, we think Kin is pretty awesome, but don’t just take our word for it. Look at these awesome larps who have all used Kin for their games …

  • College of Wizardry 1 – 12
  • CoW: Nibelungen
  • CoW: The Challenge
  • Hjerte Rimer på Smerte
  • Lindängen International
  • Enlightenment in Blood (White Wolf fanfest larp)

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