Kin Social Platform

Kin is a volunteer project developing a social-media solution for larps, enabling organisers and players to create deeper and richer experiences.

Better larps

Richer experiences with deeper worlds and stronger relationships between your player characters.


Ramp up your games, and allow your players to explore their characters, and develop them, months in advance.

Ongoing play

Allow your game to develop and expand between sessions, as players keep plots and storylines alive.


Kin is a social media platform built specifically for use in larps.

I became frustrated with the lack of depth in the relationships we were supposed to portray in our games, and so I started thinking about how to create a low friction tool for players to use.

Originally the idea was simply to use fake accounts on Facebook or Google+, but these platforms quickly became very good at detecting and shutting down fake accounts, and so that became a non-starter.

So I created Kin, a social media platform with a penchant for drama. I believe ultimately it gave the games that used it a number of benefits:

  • As players could interact and among themselves define the world, so could they collectively outline the sandbox the game was in.
  • Shared stories deepen relationships, and while a lot of things in Kin are still simulated they are still deeper (and to an extent, more real) than anything we simply agree on.